Topic Summaries

Dealing with the Anger Within


Anger is an everybody issue.  Unfortunately most people don't have the necessary tools to deal with it properly.  Because of that, domestic violence, suicide, and stress related health issues are becoming normal in our culture.  This dynamic and interactive talk enables students to access the tools they need to mature in this area of life.
     In over seven hundred settings this material has helped thousands of students, staff, and parents to mature in this critical area of life.  The presentation can be done in any time frame and can be done in conjunction  with additional talks (suicide and/or conflict).
     It provides the audience with a common language that reinforces the message on a daily basis as well as bringing clarity to the setting many students find themselves in.  This talk is based on Mark's personal journey of learning to deal with his anger that includes his freshmen year in High School as a 4'10", eighty- eight pound target. 

Suicide the Friend Stealer

We all wish we didn't know anything about this subject.  Unfortunately, most of us have some personal experience.  This proactive talk allows people to understand suicide, recognize it's symptoms, and understand how they can help without any formal training. Having been the primary contact person for over forty  suicide attempts among the teenage world, this talk makes the issue real and solve-able to the average student and staff.  It also brings a common language to the school that will enable future talk and counseling.

Wounds: What do you do with them?

A practical approach to living a healthy life despite the wounds that we receive in life. This talk maps out the course for students and staff to identify the wound and deal with it appropriately.  Using student participation and live illustrations this talk will be remembered.

The 80% Reality- A Drug and Alcohol Reality Talk

Eighty percent of all crime, suicide attempts, and during certain time frames of the year, car accidents occur while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Rarely are these life- shattering events  connected with the real sources:  drug and alcohol use.  The decision to use drugs and alcohol is examined in light of dozens of real and personal life stories.  With this information, motivation, and an additional perspective, their future choices can change.


Differences can produce division or strength.  The determining factor is a respect for the people involved.  Utilizing true stories from the world's fastest legal driving experience (the Autobahn), Mark enables students to see how respect can impact their world.  Through stories involving sports, family, and personal achievement the what, why, and how of respect is laid out for the audience.


When a society loses the ability to abstain it is doomed to a tragic future.  The common myths that drive uncontrolled behavior and the rules of the game are presented in a way that enables students to make better informed choices.