Student Comments

"Your talk was incredible. I couldn’t be more happy with it! So many students gave such a positive response to their teachers, and I could tell everyone there was actually listening. I, along with everyone else I talked to, learned some very important things from you that we can use everyday. On top of that, it inspired almost 50 kids to come to the M.A.D. H.O.P.E. suicide prevention training! That was so much more than we were expecting" Catylyn

"Thank you for coming to our school, De-stressing a Stressful life has been crazy with me in school and other things.  Sometimes I might have 1/2 hour of sleep then people call me or text me, none stop.  I know this is not ok but after you came I have been turning off my phone at night and last night I got 8 hours sleep.  I feel so good!"     Samantha

"thank you for giving me advice I will definitely use all of the info you gave me.  I really enjoy how you made the speech fun and enjoyable.  You made me wake up and think twice about drugs and alcohol."    Rebecca

"I learned a few things that are very interesting, important and new,"    Madeline

"One thing you helped me understand more is that crying is okay"   Alana

" I never thought of emotions being stress-makers and experience being stress-breakers.  when you said that 14 year olds have their parents treat them like adults I really understood.  That is basically my life.  But now I understand."    Sydney

"Now I know what to do if I'm depressed"     Jun

"Thank you for presenting in our classroom.  Your speech was probably the coolest compared to all the others I've ever had"    Jameson

"I enjoyed how you talked to us and not at us.  You made us feel involved.  I will be the first to admit I usually think "me and not "we".  I didn't really think much about it until you opened my eyes to the stress levels that are included in "me".  When you think along there is a large chance you wont have the answer."     Nerissa

"I would like to share three things you helped me realize!  "good cry"..."we not me"....The third thing you mentioned that I can relate to is making adult like decisions.  I am 15 but have been making adult like decisions since I was 11.  Some times it's stressful..."     Keeli

"When you explained how people under the age of 25 are emotionally orientated and over are experience orientated, I understood a lot of events in my life better.  Lastly, your story about how you recovered from cancer and were able to run that marathon proved to be inspirational to me.  I learned a variety of things that will be useful later in life."    Trisha

"You were really good at explaining how the things affect us"     Sergeay

"Your presentation was great.  I hope to see more of your presentations soon!"     Whitney

"I felt that you explain everything very well.  I think it would be cool if you came back and told us more"     Peyton

"To start off with I would like to let you know you were my favorite guest speaker this year.  Your presentation was really great and I learned a lot from it.  finally I though it was really cool how you compared life and stress to the Autobahn.  That really put into perspective the whole process."   Marissa

"...and I especially loved the way you told your lecture or whatever its called (it was not a boring one) ...Thanks again for coming in, I really enjoyed the talk because you made it fun. I rate it on a scale of 1-10, 1 being horrible and 10 being great, a 9.  It was cool, if you have any other topics to talk about you should come again... ps. your examples used were funny and good!"     Alyssa

"Your speech was very inspirational and I felt what you were trying to get across to us"     Ian

"What you said helped me a lot.  My dad and I are working things out now. Thanks."         Marcia

"Thank you for coming and speaking with our class on anger.  I think it's an important issue to deal with because it's causing so much violence and problems in our school and environment'     Jess

"I really could relate to you."     Jason 

"I really enjoyed the great stores you told.  They were real funny and they made the presentation comfortable and easy to listen to."         Bonnie  

"It really made me think about the way I react when I'm angry"       Jeremy  

"I realized there were other ways of dealing with anger than yelling or hitting."      Amber

"I know that now I will go home and try to work things out with my parents."         Sarah

"You were a great speaker and thank you for your time."         Abdul